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Call Us Today!
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8 reasons to use family jewelry store

8 Reasons To Use Family Jewelry Store

  1. Personal attention. You work directly with a family.
  2. Not corporate store, which means there is no need to rush to get to next customer.
  3. Not worried about getting bigger. 39 years ago our family decided to stay small and local. This decision made a big impact to make sure prices stay as low as they have been.
  4. There are no corporate store prices. We always chose to generate less profit but keep our customer happy.
  5. You will sell your jewelry for higher price.
  6. Since there is no large overhead, less money has to be spent inside the store.
  7. No radio or TV advertising. Because most of the advertising is through word of mouth, prices can remain lower for the same quality jewelry.
  8. There is always room to work with a customer on price and selection.

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